About US

At Fit Tea we believe that having both a strong fit body and mind will take you further. That is why we believe in providing the most advanced formulations and best functional and nutritional supplements to our many customers all over the world.


Fit Tea’s portfolio of award winning and worldwide leading brands together with our expansive industry knowledge and line of proven safe and effective products reaches all elements of the active lifestyle from muscle building, athletic performance, to weight loss and a general everyday healthy lifestyle. The rapid growth of Fit Tea products and customer following are testaments to the dedication and commitment of the company’s continued quest to produce the absolute safest and effective functional and sports nutrition products available. All made in the USA.


To develop and bring to market the most cutting edge scientifically advanced, safest functional nutritional and sports supplementation products available. The purpose of every Fit Tea product is to enhance performance, athletic strength, mind, and an overall healthy lifestyle — all without the use of banned substances. Our philosophy is that every product will be a formulation that we believe in and use every day. REAL PEOPLE REAL RESULTS! REAL PEOPLE REAL RESULTS!


Fit Tea’s complete line of high-quality products help meet everyone’s everyday lifestyle demands, including athletes in any sports ranging from professional athletes, competitive bodybuilders, physique and bikini athletes, cross fit, and fitness enthusiasts really anyone looking to get great results and take their training and lifestyle to the next level. All our supplements and products are developed and formulated to ensure that we not only create the absolute best quality products, but to also help you reach your ultimate fitness and healthy lifestyle goals helping you to Elevate Your Performance! All ingredients are rigorously tested for purity and quality. Each product produced by Fit Tea is tested by independent labs for safety and potency to ensure consumers are getting the highest quality ingredients, without the use of banned substances. All Fit Tea supplements are made in a CGMP - Certified Good Manufacturing Facility to meet or exceed FDA Regulations. Our raw ingredients undergo state-of-the-art analysis to ensure zero impurities in each product. Each product consists of premium, results-driven ingredients specifically formulated to produce results for whatever your lifestyle goals maybe. Real People Real Results!